Joanna Collection

I am listing my collection for information for others who may be interested in doing a tape-trade for TV shows I don't have.

This information is also for myself and others to know what I have already, should one of us be searching eBay or something.


  1. FX/2 - VHS. Taped off of TV.
  2. Crimes and Misdemeanors - VHS.
  3. American Perfekt - VHS.


  1. I have some episdoes of Love and War somewhere. I don't remember which ones, or where I put them right now. I'm searching high and low. I do recall having the one where in the opening Joanna sings to Charles, her husband in jail, the song Fever while on the pay phone. Valentines episode perhaps. I should dub that tune into mp3.
  2. I have 2 episodes of Password Plus (taped from GSN) when the Hello, Larry stars faced Mama and Eunice (Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett). The episodes are not the first two or the last two of the five, but I'm not 100% on which. I think they are numbers 3 and 4. These are really funny as the guests stayed in character.
  3. I have most of the Hello Larry episodes copied onto DVDR's.
  4. I have all of the episodes of West Wing.
  5. I have both of the episodes of Friends.
  6. Somewhere I might have the ER's.
  7. I have the King of the Hill where Jonna plays Peggy's mother, and Peggy and Hank discuss their first Valentines.
  8. The Outer Limits episode "Inconstant Moon." VHS, tapped off of CBS.


  1. Into the Woods DVD.
  2. Into the Woods VHS.
  3. Into the Woods, Original Broadway Cast Album - CD.
  4. Into the Woods, Original Broadway Cast Album - LP.
  5. I Love My Wife, Original Broadway Cast Album - LP.
  6. Original Lobby Poster from I Love My Wife (the thing is hudge).
  7. Playbill from I Love My Wife.
  8. Playbill from Joe Egg - autographed.
  9. Playbill from It's only a play.
  10. Playbill from The Normal Heart - autographed.
  11. Playbill from Into the Woods.
  12. Post card from Martin Beck Theater showing Into the Woods being there, and the big giant's foot and leg over the side of the building.
  13. Playbook from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels from the run in CA at The Globe Theater.


  1. Autographed headshot. It's this shot, but with her autograph, obviously.
  2. Theater week magzine. Joanna is on the cover with Barry Bostwick. Cover article is about the abrupt closing of Nick and Nora.
  3. The Seventh Commandment - This book on tape is a wonderful story written by Lawrence Sanders.
  4. The Witness - This other book on tape by Sandra Brown is a suspenceful tale of a woman on the run. I've had this set convered to CD so I can listen in the car or at the computer (where we don't have a casette deck). I plan to have the other book on tape converted shortly.

Of note, I have access to a large Lucille Ball tape collection and if interested in trading for Lucy stuff, let me know.

Simply drop me an email letting me know your interests.