Joanna Reviews

Anne Marie Welsh of The San Diego Union-Tribune reviews Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with these words about Joanna:
Joanna Gleason is gorgeous and vocally deft. She's sheer celebration of contemporary musical theater.'s review of Joanna's role in The Normal Heart:
Joanna Gleason and Billy Warlock are enormously touching as Dr. Emma and Felix Turner respectively. As the beneficiary of some of Kramer's best comic touches, Gleason is also very funny. She's also very fine when she steps out of her abrasive persona long enough for a wonderful scene with Ned during which he gets her out of her wheelchair to attempt a dance.

John Kenrick of wrote the following about Joanna in The Normal Heart:
Tony winner Joanna Gleason is a kick-ass wonder as Emma Brookner, the wheelchair-bound doctor who finds herself swamped in the first waves of patients infected with this ruthless killer -- those who only know her from her comedy work on TV will find this performance a revelation. Those of us who know and lover her stage work will find this role one of the most unforgettable highlights of her career.

Sam Sutherland writes on about Joanna in Into The Woods:
...the standout (and Tony winner as Best Actress) is Joanna Gleason, who gives the Baker's Wife a mixture of warmth, pragmatism, and sudden, poignantly romantic radiance.

Ken Mandelbaum's review on gives us some more information about Joanna's performance in the famous-flop Nick and Nora:
After her triumph in Into The Woods, it was inevitable that Gleason would be quickly snapped up for a vehicle, and the one she got was unfortunately Nick and Nora. Gleason was unfairly criticized in the reviews, for while her performance may have been a bit hyperactive, it was necessary for her to pull out every trick in her considerable arsenal. She was actually quite good, in no way the problem with the show, and I can't think of anyone who would have been better. As compensation for the show's failure, Gleason found a new husband in its second leading man, Chris Sarandon.